On Crossing the Road in Nigeria

8 thoughts on “On Crossing the Road in Nigeria”

  1. Oh my, you have to keep all your posts and one day put them into a book. I loved your post on crossing the road because I had a similar experience in Vietnam. I was teaching Business English at the university about a five minute walk from my apartment. But each morning before I left for class I said a prayer that I would safely cross the road. There are no lights and you have to cross between the ongoing traffic. The street I had to cross was a very busy street. Look at this video. This is really what it’s like. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3hwYdgd9wQ
    Keep writing. I love reading you. Are you following me on my blog? I wrote a very funny post about the inner critic.


    1. Hi Carol! Thank you! I do follow you and I shall check out your post soon. I can imagine what your experience in Vietnam must have been like. The roads in Nigeria are just as busy.


  2. Funny post with a ring of truth. I could imagine the scenes you described.

    The thing that’s got me thinking though, is the way people show that they care. Take the woman who said, “You dey mad? Na your papa get this road? See how you for just put innocent person for trouble now.”
    She could have said, “I’m glad you’re safe, I was worried. Please be careful next time.” But then, she wouldn’t be Nigerian if she said that, would she? :)


    1. That’s true.People have weird ways of showing they care. I still believe she was more worried for the driver than she was for me though.


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